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Chameleons in the Garden
y Mary Lovein
This hard cover, coffee table book is about Jackson's chameleons wild in Hawaii,  which is one of the only places on the planet besides their place of origin Mt. Kenya, Africa where they can be found in natural habitat. The book contains over 160 full color photos of these amazing creatures, rarely seen by humans.   There are detailed accounts of their fascinating daily lives, including courting, giving birth, hunting prey, and lots of pictures of baby chameleons.

The first-hand material has been collected by the author / photographer over a five year period of careful observations and discoveries. 
Mary Lovein is an artist and gallery owner, who is known for her  paintings. She brings some of this style to her writing and her charming photographs of chameleons. It is an educational, entertaining read, perfect for libraries, schools, homes and gifts -- appropriate for all ages who are interested in nature and hidden Hawaii wildlife. 
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